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Snapcious has created a mobile social technology for brands, media organizations, NGOs and mapping/location services that connects people with ideas and each other through photo-sharing.

The platform takes the shape of a mobile photo-challenge game driven by universal human needs: The need to be seen, the need to share what you saw and the need to be rewarded.

Snapcious' game mechanic fills these needs by tapping three massively-popular online behaviors - snapping photos, sharing photos and self-branding.

This customizable, reusable social-engagement tool then spreads the ensuing call-and-response photo conversations across the top 9 social networks in the photos and words of real people - delivering social true engagement and meaningfully-sorted user-generated content and conversations.

Product Name: Snapcious - Mobile photo engagement platform
Product Overview: (Provide a brief description of the product and how it works): Snapcious is a photo-challenge game platform that lets players snap, compete with and share photos to answer the question: "What's the best photo of an idea?" Snapcious offers crowd-sourced "Missions" that prompt players to take photos of something. Players post photos to Snapcious and can share the photos across 9 social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Flickr, Tumblr, Orkut, G+ and LinkedIN). Players then rank each other's photos and the top-ranked photos win.
Product type? (Is it a web app, mobile app, sensor, or something else?): Mobile app
Product platform(s)? (What platforms does it work on?): iOS, Web and soon Android
Your Location (City, State, Country): Los Angeles, CA, United States
Contact Information (Email and/or Phone Number):

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