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Positive Penguins

Positive Penguins is a fun educational app developed by children for children to help them understand why they feel the way they do and help them challenge their negative thinking. Teachers and parents can use this app to help children understand their feelings come from their own thoughts not the situations.  The four positive penguins take you on a journey to help you understand that feelings arise from your thinking and if you challenge your negative thoughts successfully you may be able to see things in a more realistic and even optimistic way.

Children often feel anxious, angry, frustrated, bullied, worried etc and that is normal – however, few children are taught to catch the thoughts that led them to these feelings and challenge them.  They can then change the way the feel and behave.

Product Name: Positive Penguins App
Product Website Link:
Product Overview: (Provide a brief description of the product and how it works): Positive Penguins is an IOS and android app to help children catch their emotions and challenge negative emotions so that they can be more optimistic. 4 Positive Penguins take the child on an interactive journey to challenge the negative story the child is telling them self.
Product type? (Is it a web app, mobile app, sensor, or something else?): mobile app for phones ipod ipad and tablets
Product platform(s)? (What platforms does it work on?): ios and android
Your Location (City, State, Country): Melbourne, Australia
Contact Information (Email and/or Phone Number):

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