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Got a product to support compassionate, deep connection with others? To increase meaning and purpose in life? To power optimism as we face life’s challenges?  Let our community know!

InnerAlly Self-Compassion

Are you looking to become more productive, more creative and more resilient in the face of change?  Research by Dr. Krisitn Neff shows that high levels of Self-Compassion are correlated with these traits, including lower anxiety and depression. 

InnerAlly is a simple way to raise your levels of Self-Compassion through a daily practice.   Take the quiz! Track your progress! Propel yourself to the next level in life by creating the solid internal base to work from.

Everyone knows that to make a powerful change in the world, the best place to start is with yourself.  InnerAlly is a daily practice App that helps you to improve your inner world, so that you can become the person the world needs you to be.


Product Name: InnerAlly Self-Compassion
Product Website Link:
Product Overview: (Provide a brief description of the product and how it works): InnerAlly Self-Compassion is a daily practice mobile App designed to raise your level of Self-Compassion
Product type? (Is it a web app, mobile app, sensor, or something else?): Mobile App and Facebook Community
Product platform(s)? (What platforms does it work on?): iOS, Facebook, Android coming soon.
Your Location (City, State, Country): San Antonio, Texas, USA
Contact Information (Email and/or Phone Number):, 713-478-4018

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