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The On Purpose App from


The official On Purpose app is a simple, fun tool for helping users craft powerful and personally meaningful purpose statements and then keeping track of how aligned their daily life is in relation to those purpose. The app also helps users keep an eye on five key behavioral factors that can, over time, really help or hinder their ability to successfully pursue their purposes: sleep, presence, activity, creativity, and eating—S.P.A.C.E. for short. Users can also write or dictate (iPhone 5 and up only) daily journal entries to help them recall and revisit important insights, feelings, and activities from the past. After a few weeks, users will be able to scroll through their entries to learn more about which behavioral factors help keep them on track and aligned with their purposes.

We at hope you try the app out and let us know what your think. Thanks.


On Purpose App Home Page

Click below to watch a demo of the web-based version of the On Purpose app. 

On this page, users contemplate how deeply held their chosen values are for them.

Click below to hear more from Vic Strecher about why he wrote the companion graphics novel, On Purpose.



Here users can meet Grim, The Reaper and write their own epitaph.


This chart let users review past behavior tracking and journal entries.


Click below to hear from David Rossiter about role as Creative Director on this project.


Product Name: On Purpose
Product Overview: (Provide a brief description of the product and how it works): The On Purpose app is a simple, fun tool for crafting a values-based purpose statements and then keeping daily track of how aligned users are with their purposes. Along the way, they can monitor sleep, presence, activity, creativity, and eating to learn more about how each of these can help or hinder alignment with their purpose. All versions of the app are free.
Product type? (Is it a web app, mobile app, sensor, or something else?): The On Purpose app is available as a web-based (desktop and mobile-optimized) and iOS app.
Product platform(s)? (What platforms does it work on?): Desktop users can access the Web-based app found on iPhone and iPad users can download the native iOS app to their devices via iTunes. Android users can access the Web-based, mobile-optimized version of the app on
Your Location (City, State, Country): Ann Arbor, MI United States
Contact Information (Email and/or Phone Number):

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