Pål Dobrin



Birthday: March 15

Category - Are you signing up as... (choose one): Company/Organization

Name of Company (if any): Empaticus

I am a (check all that apply): Educator/Trainer, Health Care Professional, Business development, Publisher

Which of the following best describes your company/organization (check all that apply): Mobile app development, Web software development, Education/training, Healthcare

Website link (to your blog or company website): http://www.empaticus.com

Other website link (other link you would like to share): http://www.repulse.se

Twitter handle: empaticuz

Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/pal.dobrin

Who are you? (brief background/overview about yourself): 38 year old man from Sweden with a background in studies of a program for international crisis and conflict management, as well as international relations and project management. CEO of Empaticus AB

Why are you interested in Resilience Tech? Hoping to do some serious networking with good people: seeking collaboration, marketing channels and funding. Resilience tech because I believe that this is the most suitable way to make the best possible difference.

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