Neema Moraveji

San Francisco, CA


Birthday: June 27

Category - Are you signing up as... (choose one): Company/Organization

Name of Company (if any): Spire

I am a (check all that apply): Software developer, Hardware developer, Designer, UI/UX designer, Researcher, Business development

Which of the following best describes your company/organization (check all that apply): Mobile app development, Web software development, Hardware development, Healthcare

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Twitter handle: moraveji

Who are you? (brief background/overview about yourself): Dr. Moraveji is co-founder of Spire (, a wearable sensor that influences both physical and psychological activity through a breathing sensor . He is Director of the Calming Technology Lab at Stanford University, where he teaches “d.compress: Designing Calm” at the Design School and his work has been covered in the NY Times, WSJ, NPR, and others. Prior to Stanford he led the Asia Center for Interaction Design at Microsoft Research Asia in Beijing, China., @calmingtech, @moraveji

Why are you interested in Resilience Tech? Facilitating resilience among individuals, teams, and organizations is a 'root behavior' that can have domino effects into health, well-being, family cohesiveness, and social cohesion.

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