Mack Reed

Los Angeles, CA


Birthday: August 15

Category - Are you signing up as... (choose one): Company/Organization

Name of Company (if any): F.8 Interactive

I am a (check all that apply): Software developer, UI/UX designer, Business development, Philanthropist, Publisher

Which of the following best describes your company/organization (check all that apply): Mobile app development

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Twitter handle: mackreed

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Who are you? (brief background/overview about yourself): Mack Reed is cofounder of F.8 Interactive, and a veteran of the architecture, development and management of social-media technology. He has deep background in journalism, user-experience design, business analysis and community engagement strategies.

Why are you interested in Resilience Tech? RT seems to offer an interesting opportunity at the nexus of social technology and three critical axioms: - Knowledge is by its nature viral. - No one wants to die or suffer. - Humans seek wisdom and help from each other.

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