Andrea Nylund

Brooklyn, NY


Birthday: September 2

Category - Are you signing up as... (choose one): Company/Organization

Name of Company (if any): CauseTap

I am a (check all that apply): Software developer, Business development, Philanthropist

Which of the following best describes your company/organization (check all that apply): Mobile app development, Business development/strategy

Website link (to your blog or company website):

Other website link (other link you would like to share): http://

Twitter handle: @causetap

Facebook page:

Who are you? (brief background/overview about yourself): CauseTap is a mobile app advertising platform with social impact. Our smartphone application lets users support causes donation-free by downloading apps.

Why are you interested in Resilience Tech? We strive every day to democratize philanthropy and empower under-resourced communities. Supporters of causes, regardless of age or income, can use CauseTap to rally support and raise funds for nonprofit causes donation free.

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