Community Guidelines

Here are a few “house rules” to keep in mind as you participate in the ResilienceTech network:

  • Be Yourself
    Use your real name (or real company name) or a nickname that expresses who you are if you’re comfortable. We love being on a first-name basis.
  • Be Helpful & Supportive
    We want respect and civility to be the hallmarks of this network. Please keep your feedback constructive and respectful.
  • Stay on Target
    Off-topic, out-of-context, drive-by, cross-posted comments make it hard to follow a conversation. We sometimes remove them to keep the conversation structured and meaningful.
  • We Tidy Up
    We move Forum discussions that look like they belong in a different category. We close duplicate discussions and point people to ongoing discussions about the same topic. We don’t intend to censor anyone, but we may remove a discussion or replies in a discussion if they’re causing confusion or are mean-spirited. In general, we do our best to tidy up and make things easier to find.
  • No Bullying
    It doesn’t happen very often, but we will remove people who harass other people. Personal attacks, insults, and unrelenting negativity won’t be tolerated.
  • No Spam
    What is spam? Posting the same message again and again to as many people as possible. Nobody likes spam. Except spammers. Don’t spam.