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Why Resilience Technology?

When something really tough happens – when we lose someone close, when we get a sobering diagnosis from a doctor, when we experience financial hardship, some of us are sent into a tailspin and really struggle to get our lives back together.  Others of us may be just as knocked down but somehow are better able to pick ourselves up and thrive in spite of what we are enduring.

Why are some of us better at coping with the stresses caused by adversity?


The truth is, bad things happen to us all. But here’s the good news: Resilience, the ability to bounce back from adversity, is an innate human trait. At HopeLab, we’re exploring how social technology might support resilience, even help us thrive. 

Scientific research has shown that there are actually 3 psychological experiences we can intentionally cultivate to bolster our natural resilience:

  • A sense of purpose, or meaning, in life
  • A sense of healthy connection to others
  • A sense of control over one’s destiny

Given what we know from science, how might we use tech to help people cultivate and stay true to their sense of meaning in life? How might we intentionally design to foster healthy connections between people? How might we use apps to help people feel less helpless when things are spinning out of control? Or how might we take an existing intervention that supports resilience and scale it using mobile technology? 

We’ve all seen or even built mobile apps that help individuals track their personal wellness, from biometrics to happiness to stress reduction.  But building apps to tap into our innate resilience and help us thrive is an area of blue-sky opportunity. And we’re looking forward to exploring the possibilities with you in this network!

Welcome and thrive...

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